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Teacher and Young Student

Structure Of Intellect 

Structure of Intellect with Integrated Practice Protocol (SOI-IPP) is the only remediation program developed based on a theory of intelligence (Guilford’s Model).
SOI is an intelligence test, very similar to a psychological assessment, used to create a treatment plan to improve cognitive (comprehension) skills. At Connect To Learn, we offer SOI-IPP testing, result interpretation, remediation of learning disabilities and career counselling. The career counselling is perfect for early high school kids. Using their abilities profile, we can use the SOI developmental program to build undeveloped skills and enhance gifted areas. SOI-IPP testing provides a detailed profile of each student’s intellectual strengths and weaknesses by measuring twenty-six different cognitive (comprehension / reasoning) abilities that affect learning.
Our highly trained faculty provides rehabilitation based on the program design that emerges from the assessment. Once remediation takes place, we can turn weaknesses into strengths.
With the SOI-IPP program, we see gains in overall cognitive function and remediation of learning disabilities. SOI focuses on improving overall brain function.

Structure Of Intellect: Service
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