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We understand the challenges of remote learning at home. We also know that many students achieve more academically with remote learning and the right supports. This is our specialty! We combine the comforts of remote learning with the crucial social development that many students miss out on. 


We are accepting applications for the Fall 2021 school year. Please email our owner Suzanne at suzconnect@icloud.com to receive a copy of the application paperwork. We look forward to hearing from you!

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We recognize the greatness and potential in each of our students. With a customizable approach, we are able to cater to their strengths while working on specific goals. Our students results are a testament that our programs work. We pride ourselves on being patient, adaptable, and professional. We are ready to help your child reach their goals. Connect with us today so we can start working together. 


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"Well, I suppose I should say something on their behalf as I did grad with 90% after all (something I could have never done on my own). I can only say good things about the teachers as they are all made out of something amazing, they're able to teach people on the spectrum (like me) with ease and the things they teach actually make sense! I would highly suggest checking them out as they are all amazing teachers."

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We are here to make the learning process easier. Please contact our owner to find out more, schedule sessions, and get connected. 

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